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. sometimes that helps create jobs in the u.s., sometimes it doesn't. that's the political point. >> more than sometimes, more than sometimes, adam. come on, you know it's more than sometimes. >> no, i don't know. >> oh, see, are you telling me that you, in all your great research, have found that private equity is a net job killer? not a net job creator? >> i'm saying that creating jobs in the united states in some sort of-- in some jurisdiction is not the job of a private equity investors and that isn't what i would want them to do. >> no, you're a business reporter. >> i agree that investing in education and infrastructure, what we should be doing, nothing objectionable. >> adam, you and you cover this stuff, to are a long time. this is a pretty simple question, do they create jobs or kill jobs? based on my research, they create a lot more jobs, what are you saying? >> yeah, but charlie, we could have the same debate about, you know, do firefighters or police forces create jobs. >> no, we can't. >> or-- >> i think that there serves as a reminder, what maybe the administration really wants.
to be adding jobs right now. >> that those so-called job creators will make everything okay for the rest of us. we believe that the way to build this country is the way we always have, from the middle out. that's how it's always been done. and the way to do that is invest in the things that have always made our economy grow. innovation, research, development, infrastructure, and education. >> are you looking at the folks behind the vice-president, did it not look like a hostage tape. you've got a government spending more than a trillion bucks on jobs and bang for those bucks and now he wants to spend more of your bucks on jobs. so we're asking this morning, what the buck? and charlie gasperino, dagen mcdowell and dr. payne. >> if that was, communist russia would be the most powerful in the country. >> a lot floating around d.c. these days. >> might want to be careful-- >> and to express this little faith in american citizens, they go out and knock ambition and denigrate success, it's ridiculous. >> i thought the audience was stepford audience. >> neil: look at the crowd behind him they look d
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2